Message from CEO

On behalf of all the stakeholders, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Kailash Bikas Bank Ltd.!

Kailash Bikas Bank is proud of its 23 years, serving the community and helping local businesses grow. We are committed and passionate about making a difference in our communities. In these changing times; with clear vision and time bound execution, we are committed to providing value for customers by offering unmatched services and ultimately creating value for the nation.

In the FY 2072/73, the Bank achieved remarkable growth in profit, deposits, loans and advances maintaining a perfect balance of equity in our portfolio. The awards the Bank received symbolize its excellence in overall financial performance and shall continue to do so in coming years.

The Bank is proactively seeking quality loan opportunities through professional networking, print and media advertising. We also strive to create local employment opportunities. Our Bank offers competitive interest rate on both deposits and loans and has started mobile banking since the year 2071.

We look forward to being your partner as you take advantage of all the opportunities Kailash Bikas Bank has to offer.

Thank you for banking with Kailash Bikas Bank. It is truly our privilege to serve you.
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